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Not the Expected Animal Encounter

My dear hubby and I finally got to go north to the fabulously cool weather for archery turkey and deer this month. This has been a really long awaited trip for us and we had been scouting the area for a few week ends before the hunt, which we don’t have a lot of time to spare. We saw plenty of deer, young bucks, does, no really big boys but we were hopeful. Heard turkeys several times but never saw any before the hunt.

So, we get all packed up, loaded up and filled up with gas for every quad, truck and RV we own and headed up north for what we were sure was going to be a fruitful, fun hunt in the woods with family.

Well, the 100 gallon water tank on the RV gave out before we even got out of Phoenix. Every car and truck behind us was THRILLED with the free car wash, NOT! Then half way to our destination I got a call on my cell, the rest of the bunch that was suppose to meet us in Williams to hunt and camp bugged out on us with sick children. Then just before hitting the hills and finding a camping spot, the bottom dropped out of the sky with more rain than this old girl has seen in a very long time! We should have taken the clue….

The next morning we were out before dawn and walked for miles… I mean MILES! And we didn’t return to camp until just before night fall. We did this for four days. After trudging through the mud and getting drenched to the bone all week end long, I started hacking and it just got worse. My chest ached and my throat was raw, every bone and muscle in my body ached from all the hiking and squatting. I was ready to hang it up, we went back to camp early for the first time. The rain finally quit and we both flopped in our camp chairs with exhaustion. And then they came….hundreds and hundreds of them. Right out of the woods, right through camp without even a how-do-you-do…. SHEEP!!!!

Sheep herd right through camp

Hundreds and hundreds of sheep went right through camp!

Then every once in awhile we would see a huge, lumbering dog come through. There were four in all, I think they are all HUGE Great Pyrenees. One laid in the road until the sheep he was watching got across unharmed, then he slowly got up and carried on…It was amazing to watch the dogs. One was equally fascinated with dear hubby… or maybe it was his stench after all that walking. Anyway, he hung around Dennis for awhile, got a few patts on the head, then went back to work.

We never saw a buck deer, only a few does, never saw a single turkey but our animal encounter was DA’BOMB!

This Cracked Me Up!


This just cracked me up! My friend had this posted on Facebook and I wanted to share 🙂

Even Teenage Deer Have Attitude!

Spike Williams....a spike in Williams Arizona!Last week end we went up to Williams to scout for turkey…. never saw a single turkey but we did see several spikes. This teenager just wouldn’t look at us! What an attitude!

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Mobile Site for Cabin Decor

Just a quick announcement that our mobile site is up and running…after alot of tech issues. So if it doesn’t come up for you on your mobile device we would appreciate you letting us know! You can see what it looks like from your PC too by clicking the iphone icon on the home page in the right hand column. Give it a try HERE!

What is a Valentine?

What is a Valentine? Romance, love, little chubby cupids with wings and arrows, hearts, flowers, candy and cards… And according to the Urban Dictionary Valentine’s Day is: A day to make single people feel “bad”! That is not the word they used but I am not going there. And we all hear at least one relative or friend say it’s a holiday created by the card and candy industries, LOL.

Valentine’s Day is observed on February 14th in the United States as a day of love and appreciation of your lover, your “someone special”, your Valentine. It is celebrated in most countries around the world and originally was associated to Saint Valentine. There is a nice write up on Wikipedia about St. Valentine so I won’t repeat it here.

For me it has always been a special day to go out of my way to appreciate those I love. Quite honestly, I am happy to have a day to show extra love to family I may have not appreciated enough during the year. Yep, I said “family” not just my significant other, my husband. All too often I get caught up in everyday living and surviving. This is a day I spread the Love. Of course there is romance for my darling husband too.

If you are single, that is to say without a significant other, do not despare! I truly believe there is someone for everyone. There are people in your life you should extent a little love too. Maybe make a special day for them with a simple gesture, a card, a smile, a kind word… it doesn’t have to be much and most likely it will uplift you as well.

What is a Valentine? A Valentine is a person, someone special, someone loved, it is you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elk Burger Recipe by Mia

This morning I ran across a great sounding recipe on twitter by Mia Anstine. The blue cheese is sure to add a zing 🙂 I can’t wait to try it out…

Mia’s Elk Burger Recipe.

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Candied Pecans for the Holidays

Candied Pecans

Candied Pecans

For a quick and very easy holiday treat to take to your host or to have on hand try these addictive Candied Pecans! Here’s the recipe:
4 c. shelled pecans, 1 egg white, 1/2 c. brown sugar, splash of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg (optional).

Heat oven to 275 degrees- line a cookie sheet with waxed paper and spray with cooking oil. Beat the egg white til stiff… I just used a wire wisk and it was quick and easy. Add brown sugar, vanilla and any spices (I didn’t add any spices) and stir til smooth. Mix in the pecans until all are coated evenly. Put on baking sheet with waxed paper and bake until slightly brown. Directions said 10-15 minutes but I did mine longer to crisp the nuts as well as the coating. Also I sugest stiring them several times. These turned out so delicious!

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