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Build a Color Scheme for Your Log Cabin Decorating

Log Cabin Decorating Article
by: Elly Kendall
Log Cabin Fever Gifts & Decor

Turn your log house into a cozy cabin in the pines or lake lodge with colors that balance your decor. There is inherently a strong fixed design component of cabins: wood. More than 50% of your design scheme is a permanent color with depth and texture. The wood itself provides one hue you will have to work with - whether it's oak, cherry stain, grey weathered or whatever. This is what makes decorating a cabin a bit more challenging than a traditional home. Wood also adds richness and atmosphere that make cabins so desirable in the first place so work with it, don't fight it.

Another factor in decorating a cabin is that most cabins have an open floor plan with no delineation of rooms. Allocating color throughout each room creatively and stylishly will define each space without closing off the openness. A few channels for distributing color in these areas are with flooring, upholstery, wall hangings and throw blankets. You want to avoid having just one hue for all the components of your log home. Here is a quick look at color schemes, the three parts of the scheme, and some ideas on how to use them creatively in your log cabin decorating.

The three types of color that make up a color scheme are general, secondary and accent. They should work together harmoniously and serve a specific purpose in the scheme. Here is a quick look at their purpose and how to use them together.

1. General Color: This is the canvas or backdrop for your decor. It is most often a warm or cool neutral tone. The key here is neutral. General color is not meant to stand out or punch up a room and it should work with walls and floors. This will most likely be the lightest, softest color of your color scheme. Keep in mind that the general color should be able to be taken a shade or two darker or lighter to serve as a secondary color as well. Your general color is the string that pulls the whole space together.

* General color goes:
A) On Interior walls not meant to be accent walls or focal points
B) Largest furniture pieces such as sofas
C) Window treatments
D) Vertical cabinetry
E) Referenced in area rugs

2. Secondary Color: Secondary colors bring depth and shading to your canvas (general color). Use secondary colors to emphasize and define by using deeper and richer shades than the general colors. They don't have to be in the same color family as the general color either. They can be complementary (two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel) or adjacent colors (next to each other on the color wheel). These colors are formed by mixing one primary and one secondary color.

*Secondary color goes:
A) Medium sized furniture such as chairs
B) Horizontal counters and surfaces such as supplemental flooring
C) Accent walls, decorative fireplace surrounds
D) Referenced in area rugs

3. Accent Colors: These are the most intense or saturated colors. Perfect for punching up your scheme and adding life to your space. Accent colors can be used from room to room to tie the spaces together. Use these intense colors as intended, as accents and in small doses as they can be overwhelming. Accent colors can be changed from season to season and trend to trend.

* Accent color goes:
A) Small furniture such as upholstery on kitchen stools and ottomans
B) Lamps, vases, artwork and candles
C) Throw pillows and throw blankets
D) Kitchen appliances, stemware and flatware
E) The front door
F) Referenced in area rugs

In the simplest of terms, for a log cabin or country cabin home, wood is the main component for your color scheme. General color is the lightest and used on the largest decor. Secondary is the medium color used on medium sized decor. Accent colors are the deepest or richest colors, used on smaller decor and accent pieces easily changeable from season to season. Decorating your cabin will be fun and easy using these simple color tips.
Log Cabin Fever Gifts & Decor offers wonderful accent pieces for your log cabin decorating project. Our Rustic Bathroom Decor is inspiring!

Credits to: Log Home Living magazine, Home Style by Jennifer Larson, a Chicago based Interior designer.